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You're going to see first hand ( EVERYTHING ) on how for the last 6 years I've traded only 1 hour in the morning to generate a multiple 6 figure income


Access To The Private Traders Master Membership
Get access to the 5 full modules master training

  • Module #1 - Laying The Foundation : What you'll learn in this module is going to be 80% of all your success in trading. You've heard allot of the times right that 80% of all your success comes from our mindset. I'm talking about your beliefs, values, getting yourself in centred focus state before trading, how to mastery your emotions, confidence and so much more. When you master this one section , trading will be a breeze. 

    Plus bulding your over all map and plan, so you know what EXACTLY what do to and how to get to your over all goal.
  • Module #2 - Chart Reading Mastery : You'll learn the most powerful chart reading strategies that I've learnt over my ten years of trading.  Once you learn these amazing techniques, you'll never be confused about what the market is doing ever again and the best part is when you REALLY know how to read the charts, this is when you can master the art of small losses and MASSIVE WINS which is the formala for success on any trading system.
  • Module #3 - Income And Wealth Building Stratigies : You'll learn the most powerful strategies on the planet for income and wealth building. My #1 income trading systems has been my most success trading system for the last 9 years and when you learn the wealth building strategy , you'll never look back because with this strategy, you don't care where it goes all you care is it goes some were - either up or down. This is so success that I've only ever had 2 loses EVER so far. This strategy is AMAZING and all of this can be done with 1 hour in the morning per day only.
  • Module #4 - Trading Management Mastery : As you know that getting in is the easy part, the hard part is when to exit. So you'll learn the trade management techniques I've learnt from my millionaire mentors, so that you can start making more profit on each trade.
  • Module #5 - Mindset Mastery : You'll going to learn from the best in the module because I've gotten one of my millionaire trading mentors and I did a 2 hour interview with him plus he also allowed me to put 2 of his programs that really show you " How To Mastery Your Mindset ". That is not for sale anywhere. Plus there is around 8 hours of myself teaching the most powerful strategies I've learnt and use every day.
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12 Months One On One Monthly Coaching Calls 
I'll make sure you keep making that daily progess

  • On our first coaching call, I'll sit down with you over the phone or Skype and I'll see where you're at, were you want to go and I'll build and map out a plan right in front of you to show you know what the steps need to be down to achieve you over all goal.
  • Then every month for 11 months, we will do a one on one live coaching call to make sure you're sticking to the plan and making the progress you want, if you are great, I'll give you something to keep you going. If not, then I'll get you right back on track. 
  • Plus on our coaching calls, I'll share with you all the trades I've taking that month and all the details of every trade.
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4 Day Platinum Event 
A Truly An Amazing Millioniare Experience 

  • I hire out a multimillion dollar house on the water or beach and you, me and few other select high achievers live in this house for 4 days. 
    There is no set location, but all you have to do is fly there if you don't live close by and everything else is taking care off.
  • Then for 4 days I'll walk you through the mindset, strategies, planning and outcomes and so much more to get to make sure you staying right on track.
  • I take your through a process that when you leave you know with 100% confidence that this will work for you.
  • As of writing this I just finish my last platinum event and we took one of my systems, that has no trend lines, indicators,  nothing.. all you need is just the chart with nothing on it and trading $5000 per trade you would have made on a low scale $50,000 last 12 months.
  •  I've been trading this for 9 years, so I know how it works and so will you.
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Secret Trading Group Access 
New daily upto date market and LIVE trading videos

  • Every day I'm doing a video giving you a market update and sharing some other things that I see on the charts.
  • Every week, I'll give you watch list of all the trade I'm looking at that week.
  • Plus I'll share some gems of my lives trades as well. 
  • Plus you'll be able to hang around like minded people with all the other private clients as well.
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A Millionaire Trader Look Behind The Curtin 
A Behind the sence look into a millioniare trader

  • When I go and see my millioniare mentors, I'll let you know what we talked about and how this is helping me keep moving forward.
  • These traders are PRIVATE traders only and this will help you with your mindset.
  • This will keep you on top of your game.
  • This along is worth every penny because just one idea could mean tens of thousands in profit alone.
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12 Month Private And Coaching Program 


Here's What You'll Achieve By Going Through This Private Trader And Platinum Program 

This is not a get rich scheme and you will have to work hard and if you do then the end results can be amazing. 

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A Balanced Super Trader

Yes, you can set your life up so you're only trading 1 hour per day first thing in the morning and then the rest of the days focus on the other important things like family, health and your other hobbies you love to do and this will give you a balanced and centred life with your trading

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Total Health And Energy

Back in 2009 I was trading some days 20 hours a day and I got cancer and it was from this that I decided to set up life so I can still make my income from trading and look after my health.

From this was born the process that allows me to trade an hour in the morning and I have time to look after my health and I know you can too.

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Total Confidence 

I'll take you through a process that you will have 100% confidence that these systems will work for you and it's in this confidence that will take you to long term successful

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More Time For Holidays

You will be able to go on more holidays because you will be able to trade the " Wealth Builder " strategy where you don't care where it goes , it just has to go some were - either up or down and it only takes a few hours at the start of the week to get in and manage.

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Help Your Family And Friends 

After you master the art of trading and having a balanced life, you will be able to do what I'm doing with my kids and that is teaching them how to trade so not only are you looking after yourself but your taking care of your kids future as well.

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Never Again Be A Slave to the system

If you work hard at this then one thing that you'll feel and the amazing feeling that you never have to go to a job you hate ever again and being a slave to the system that is robbing you from true enjoyment.

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Ability To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

Because you're only trading a hour in the morning you'll have time to work on other hobbies , property investing or other business interest and this will create multiple streams of income.

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Total Freedom

This is a recent photo of me on the beach watching the sun going down thinking how grateful I am for the life, health, income and freedom that I have and it's my goal though this coaching progress is to help you get a true balanced lifestyle full of freedom.


Looking Forward To Speaking With You On The Phone

John Howell